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All time favorite olympic lifts

May 5, 2013

Today I want to share a few favorites of mine from the realm of olympic weightlifting. These aren’t the heaviest or most technically perfect lifts you’ll ever see, but as a whole they’re nothing less than awesome and all four are a display of 100% effort. I have watched them over and over again, each and every time I find them immensely inspiring.

First up is Taner Sagir‘s 172.5kg snatch in the -77kg category from the 2004 Olympics. This was a new olympic record and at the time Sagir was only 19 years old. However, as a Turk with Bulgarian heritage what else would you expect? What I love about this lift is the speed and aggression with which he pulls himself under the bar and how there is absolutely no room to spare as he receives it in a rock bottom position. This is a tight as a lift gets and he probably would have failed 173kg’s.

In the clean and jerk category, I never get tired of watching Szymon Kolecki‘s 232.5kg world record from the 2000 European Championships, which he won of course. At that time he was only 18 years old and although it must have been disappointing that he never got any better, it’s must be of some consolation that the record managed to remain unbroken for 12 years and that it took weightlifting phenomenon Ilya Ilin to beat it. This lift impresses by sheer effort as it is obviously extremely heavy for him in both the clean as well as the jerk. Note the double bounce as he struggles out of the hole, amazing.

The third favorite is sadly a failed attempt by Bulgaria’s Zlatan Vanev from the 2007 European Championships. It wouldn’t have won him anything but it was a comeback from a dislocated elbow and I love how he just gives it everything he’s got.

Last but definetly not least is Pyrros Dimas‘ third clean and jerk from the 2004 olympics. Dimas had won gold three times in a row and goes for gold in an attempt to win what would have been his fourth consecutive olympic medal. Although he misses the lift and ends up with “only” a bronze medal,  what follows it is legendary and gives me goose bumps as well as a lump in the throat and literally brings a tear to my eye, as it marks the end of  his lifting career and thus life as he knows it.


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