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Training friday April 4th 2014

April 5, 2014

My right knee is shot, I’ve diagnosed myself with tendinosis, which is a chronic condition that takes a looong time to heal. I’ve had this confirmed by two professionals so I’m pretty certain that’s the problem. This means zero weightlifting for me since the explosive movements are painful and prevent healing. I am thus undergoing a self-administered rehabilitation program for the knees and have turned my focus towards more general strength. I’m currently doing a Sheiko-inspired protocol for press and bench press and the Coan-Phillipi deadlift cycle for, well, deads. I think the latter is a really nice program since it doesn’t only constitute a deadlift part but really a full posterior chain program.

You can see my specific program here. I’ve changed it up a tiny wee bit and basing the weights on my current max in stead of the projected. The latter is supposedly how the program is designed, but I don’t think it makes sense to hit my new PR in the last session and then wait a week and set another PR, I find that unrealistic. Also, I’m doing the program two times a week in stead of one. That might seem a bit much but since I don’t do any squatting or other lower body work I think it’s ok and I’ve managed to survive as far as week 8 in the program. I really like how things are going so far and I’m pretty confident I’ll set a new all-time PR in about two weeks.


3x5x70kg, 3x120kg, 3x160kg, 2x190kg, 1x220kg, 2x240kg (new 2RM)

Speed deadlift

3x3x175kg with 120 seconds between sets

Power shrugs (I do a deadlift and finish off with a shrug)




Pendlay row


Weighted pull-up


Arch back goodmornings (OMG I hate these)


BB curls

12x20kg, 4x6x25kg


Hanging leg raise



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