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sWolegren aka Søren Wahlgren has been lifting weights since he was 15 years old. Over the course of the years he’s tried bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, general strength training and a whole lot of messing around with the bars and plates. He holds a master’s degree in structural engineering but has no formal education in anything related to training. Most of what you read in this blog will thus be based on personal experience, observations, discussions, logic, common sense and bro science but you might come across a real reference every now and then. sWolegren works and trains at  Løfteriet in Odense, Denmark.

Mads and sWolegren

Yet another young man seeks advice from the experienced iron shogun.

Best lifts:

Squat – 215kg (474lbs)

Bench press – 177.5kg (391lbs)

Deadlift – 257.5kg (568lbs)

Snatch – 110kg (242lbs)

Clean & jerk – 150kg (331lbs)

Front squat – 170kg (375lbs)

Power clean – 125kg (276lbs)

Press – 100kg (220lbs)

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